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Saso High School Prep
is looking for qualified teachers to teach HSPT prep classes. If you're interested in applying click here.

We offer a comprehensive program to prepare students for the HSPT® and high school coursework.

Saso High School Prep's tutorial programs focus exclusively on preparing 7th and 8th graders for the High School Placement Test®. Our program helps students create a solid foundation of math & English skills that will be important now, for high school and later in life. We use the method of repetition to implant these necessary foundational skills deep into students' mindsOur teachers are energetic and enthusiastic which makes for a fun & relaxed learning environment. After taking our course, students often report to us that they improve their grades in school and feel much more confident and comfortable going into the HSPT.

We believe every child has the ability to succeed.

 Saso Fall HSPT Prep Class
  • For current 8th grade students
  • Choice of a 10-session after school program or a 5-session Saturday program
  • Classes begin in September

Winter Break HSPT Prep Class
  • For current 8th grade students
  • Class held during winter break in December
  • Last full-length HSPT prep class that we offer for the year

One-Day HSPT Review
  • Take model exams in all 5 areas of the HSPT
  • Learn time-management strategies
  • Strength test-taking skills & builds self-confidence

HSPT "Mock Exam"
  • Take a model HSPT exam in the exact same format, timing and enviroment as the actual HSPT
  • Take all 5 sectoins of the HSPT with two 5 mintue breaks, just like the real test
  • Be prepared by knowing exactly what to expect 

Every student can benefit from our customized programs.
Whether your child needs remediation, enrichment or acceleration,
Saso High School Prep will help your child succeed. 



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