Saso HSPT® Prep Testimonials


Congratulations to our Students!

Stefano G.

Stefano G.
Bellarmine Class of 2025

Liam H.

Liam H.
Bellarmine Class of 2025

Angel Torres

Angel T.
Mitty  Class of 2025

Gavin Butler

Gavin B.
Bellarmine Class of 2025

Thomas Lutsky

Thomas L.
Bellarmine Class of 2025

Kelly C., Notre Dame Class of  2021 • Cailin L., St. Francis Class of 2021 
Amanda N., Notre Dame Class of 2021 

Student Testimonials

What I liked best about the online HSPT prep course is how much I learned for every subject and the tips I got for studying and applying to Catholic high schools. I also liked that the teachers gave us binders, and I got a lot of materials and exercises to study more for the HSPT. This class helps students find out how they will do on the test and what areas they can improve on. My HSPT scores will definitely improve because of this class. I enjoyed the class and I found it very helpful and useful.

—Anishka V., 2020


I think the thing that I liked the most was the teachers because they explained things so clearly and taught us many different things.

—Zachary Z., 2020


From the online HSPT prep course I learned a lot more than I learned all year, because you gave me very good tips, strategies, and shortcuts. You’re awesome teachers.

—Helena V., 2020


I would definitely recommend this class because it is very useful for eighth grade and would really help students understand language rules more and would help improve math without a calculator.

—Tia F., 2020


What I liked best about the online HSPT prep course is everything. Especially the way everything is so organized. I would recommend the class to others because it gets you prepared for the HSPT and it’s fun along the way.

—April C., 2020


My scores improved tremendously.

—Will W., 2020

Parent Testimonials

My son really liked the class today and thought it was very eye-opening. Much to my surprise, he actually thanked me for signing him up for the “extra school.” I’m really glad he could join the class all the way from the East Coast. The course did a great job shoring up gaps in his middle school curriculum so that he would not only achieve over 90th percentile overall, but also earn good scores across all subject areas. I would highly recommend this class to anyone!

—Paul P., 2020


We are VERY happy with your classes. The course has been really helpful for our daughter, and the material is excellent!

—Angelica G., 2020


Our son has steadily improved each week; I’m so proud of him! He’s definitely learned a lot and it shows. Thank you for helping him to prepare; it’s made a difference. He’s much more confident.

—Kathryn L., 2020


Hats off to your group for doing a terrific job with the prep course. You kept our daughter engaged and truly motivated to do her work and stay committed. 

—Jean L., 2020


Your program helped tremendously! The kids may be good, but they don’t have any idea about how to handle competitive test-taking, time management, and the various types of questions found on the HSPT. I feel that your program prepared my son perfectly, as Saso is the only prep that he did.

—Surbhi V., 2020


Thanks so much for helping our daughter. She soared after taking your class and felt very confident on the day of the HSPT. She could not have gotten into Mitty without your help!

—Kristin O., 2020