Saso HSPT® Prep Testimonials


Online Prep Testimonials

What I liked best about the online HSPT prep course is how much I learned for every subject and the tips I got for studying and applying to Catholic high schools. I also liked that the teachers gave us binders, and I got a lot of materials and exercises to study more for the HSPT. This class helps students find out how they will do on the test and what areas they can improve on. My HSPT scores will definitely improve because of this class. I enjoyed the class and I found it very helpful and useful.     
—Anishka V., 2020


I think the thing that I liked the most was the teachers because they explained things so clearly and taught us many different things.   
—Zachary Z., 2020


From the online HSPT prep course I learned a lot more than I learned all year, because you gave me very good tips, strategies, and shortcuts. You’re awesome teachers.    
—Helena V., 2020


I would definitely recommend this class because it is very useful for eighth grade and would really help students understand language rules more and would help improve math without a calculator.  
—Tia F., 2020


What I liked best about the online HSPT prep course is everything. Especially the way everything is so organized. I would recommend the class to others because it gets you prepared for the HSPT and it’s fun along the way.  
—April C., 2020


What I really liked about the course is how we covered so many topics in such short time, and that I fully understood and learned so many new things. I would recommend this class to others because I found it very useful and helpful. It sharpened my skills in various topics and I think it’s great.  
—Aryahi S., 2020


I would definitely recommend this class to others because I went from below average to superior with my scores.  
—Sacha D., 2020


I really liked how we reviewed the content covered on the HSPT tests and learned about some strategies on how to solve different types of problems on each of the five subtests. As well, I enjoyed how we learned and reviewed a lot of vocabulary words by using flashcards and vocabulary quizzes.

I would recommend this class to others because I improved significantly on the second five subtests. And I learned plenty of new vocabulary words, reviewed content found on the HSPT, and learned strategies to solve problems easier on the HSPT.  
—Sean H., 2020


My scores improved tremendously.  
—Will W., 2020


I improved my scores a lot and feel more confident about taking the HSPT. I would definitely recommend this class because I got a lot out of it over just two weeks, and it really helped me.  
—Teresa M., 2020

Parent Testimonials

I wanted to thank you for the very effective HSPT prep class that our daughter recieved during 8th grade at West Portal Lutheran. She found the class very helpful and scored a 99th percentile on the test!  
—Cara O., Oct. 2019


Rocco still talks about taking your class last summer. The practice test in the spring and the two—week course in the summer was exactly what he needed to prepare for the HSPT. It definitely made him understand what he was getting into. Without your course, Rocco would not have had the confidence and skills needed to take this exam.  
—Nicole R., Jan. 2019


My daughter took this class to gain more confidence in test taking. She is intelligent but gets nervous when it comes to test taking. Taking this class boosted her confidence & prepared her for the HSPT. She really enjoyed taking this class. All the teachers are very passionate about teaching the kids. My daughter told me the hours spent learning the material went by quickly. I would highly recommend this prep class to anyone.  
—Myra M., 2018


My son enjoyed your Winter Break class, and we are pleased with the results! While coming into your class as a strong student, your test prep put him over the top and gave him the HSPT test taking skills to ace the exam! Thank you!! Will recommend you to others!  
—Dana H., 2018


The review class helped our daughter in math and language as a refresher course and to learn new rules. It also helped her get used to test taking and time management. Overall, it was work taking! Thank you very much Mr. Saso!!  
—Dawn F., 2018


My son was really happy he took this course. Although the first class he was a little annoyed that class was on Friday, he quickly got used to the schedule and enjoyed it. He said he had a fun time studying and practicing with his friends. He also took the mock exam and it boosted his confidence lots. This class definitely helped him do his best on the test. Thanks!  
—Kim C., 2018


We know that your class helped prepare our son for the HSPT, especially with the time management and what to expect. He felt confident when he came out from taking the test. We have already recommended your course to current 7th graders.  
—Sylvia D., 2017


Noah walked away from his HSPT feeling very confident and subsequently worried less during the wait for the results! He got accepted to all the high schools and will be attending Bellarmine, his first choice school! He was humbled and grateful he got accepted to all of them and we know your HSPT course helped him achieve this goal. With heartfelt gratitude  
—Ellen. D., 2017


Thank you so much for the help you and your team not only provided my daughter, but also to the hundreds of other children that have taken your courses. As you know, trying to get a straight answer from a young adult is like pulling teeth, but overall what Ava mentioned on more than one occasion was how the practice tests being administered helped prepare her for the actual test. Also, the review work given to her to do at home kept the material fresh in her mind. I will definitely recommend your course to family and friends and when my youngest is next in line to take the HSPT, we will be signing her up with SASO. Thank you for all the work you do.  
—Marcello A., 2017


Zachary took the test last weekend. His words when I picked him up from the test were “I am so glad I took the SASO course.” He said it was a lot easier for him and that it took the stress away from him. My wife and I appreciate what you taught Zachary and getting him ready for the test. It was money well spent. Thank you.  
—Jim M., 2017


Your course was exceptional. It really helped our daughter. After each class, specifically math, she understood many of the concepts that she was not understanding or getting wrong. She regularly commented how her regular teachers would confuse her while the folks at your program made things simple and easier to understand.  
—Arthur B., 2017


We appreciate all the help and information you provided Shyna in preparation for the HSPT. You have an excellently conducted course. Shyna definitely benefited from doing your program. Thanks!  
—Sandhya B., 2016


This class made a huge difference in our son’s confidence and ability to effectively get through all the questions in time. We saw the most improvement in his math and vocab skills. Thanks again for running a great program! We’ll see you again when our 6th grade daughter enters 8th grade! Thanks!  
—Stephen I., 2016


Good review from my son. He told me that Mr. Saso reviewed the concepts very well and in depth. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is trying to get into a private high school.  
—Jeannette S., 2016


We are delighted that our daughter is attending her first choice (Presentation H.S.) in the fall. Your program helped her reduce her anxiety about what would be on the test and how it is structured. We will definitely recommend your program! Thank you!  
—Bret Harte Middle School Parent, 2016


Thanks to you and your wonderful staff, our second son Lionel, has made it to Bellarmine. Three years ago you helped our elder son Joshua get into Bellarmine. They both attribute their success on the HSPT to your summer course and all the help they received at the review class, the week before the HSPT.  
—Chris & Pat Jeremiah, 2015


I wanted to thank you for another wonderful experience. As you can imagine, Connor was NOT thrilled to be spending his winter break at “school”. But when I picked him up on the 3rd day he said, “To be honest, I think I learned more math in the last few days than during all my school years.” Doesn’t get better than that!  
—Joan, 2015


My son, Bobby, said the class was worthwhile, and he was “glad I went”.  Wow! I know that sounds like faint praise, but for a 13 year old boy, the day after Christmas, I’d say it is a home—run!   
—Kate, 2015

Student Testimonials

I liked how the HSPT prep class taught us tips & tricks onhow to do problems faster. On the first set of tests, I struggled to finish the tests on time. After I took the second set of tests, I was able to do the problems faster.  
—Varsha M., 2019


I liked that this class covered all the topics that are going to be on the HSPT because now I know what I need to work on. I also liked taking the practice tests because I got a feel for what the test will really be like. It made me feel less stressed.  
—Alyssa M., 2018


I liked this class because it has made me feel much more prepared for the HSPT. The class has been more helpful than anything else I have done (like the HSPT books) I feel I can now get into the school of my choice. Thank you so much for preparing me for the HSPT in January!  
—Emma T., 2018


I need to thank you for the wonderful prep that SASO gave me! The HSPT was really easy! Thank you so much for your help! I will recommend this to my friends and family!! Thanks!  
—Nikhita, 2017


I think this program really helped me do my best on the HSPT. The teachers and aides are super nice and the class is well—paced and thorough.  
—Irene P., 2017


What I liked most about this HSPT class is how Mr. Saso teaches us. His teaching style helped me understand the concepts of language and math and he also gave me confidence and made me feel like a high schooler. I now feel prepared to take on the HSPT. Thank you!  
—Christina R., 2016


Mr. Saso and his TAs were very interactive during this HSPT class. They walked around the room and helped everyone with problems: formulas, parts of speech, etc. I think Mr. Saso did a great job maintaining the class’s attention and a great job keeping everyone involved.  
—Trenton W., 2016


I would like to say thank you very much! I probably wouldn’t have a chance to get into my #1 school without this class.  
—Srikav G., 2016


This HSPT class helps everyone and leaves no one behind. If someone doesn’t know something, they take the time to explain it in detail.  
—Earl D., 2016


I really liked how organized the class was and how I knew at all times what to do and what was going to be discussed. I just want to say I thought this was a fabulous class.
—Raunak D., 2016


I enjoyed how friendly Mr. Saso and his TAs were. I feel that is very important in a learning environment.  
—Alex M., 2016


The little tips and strategies were very useful, but what I really thought helped me the most were the language and verbal sections (which used to be my weak points.) I feel more prepared than when I first came, this class has not only given me a confidence boost but has also sharpened my math and other skills greatly. Thank you!  
—Andy H., 2015


Frankly I liked a lot about this class. (I’ll miss it) I loved the way you taught everything; it was so simple. In addition, you don’t judge a student’s score or skills. Instead you strive for improvement in that student. The encouragement, community, and overall general interactions in this class were great.  
—Sohinee T.S.., 2014


I have found the most helpful part of this class is that they showed us how to do the problems; instead of taking a course online it’s helpful to have an active person to help you, plus the binder was really cool.  
—Anisha R., 2014


I learned more in 1 Saso class then 3 weeks in my English class.  
—Shaan P., 2014


I’ve found the test taking skills I learned in this class most helpful in preparing to take the HSPT because they helped us work on timing which I needed most help with.  
—Kaley G., 2014

[What did you like best about the class?]


I liked the fun that Mr. Saso brought into learning the HSPT. I liked the tips and tricks because they helped me do better on the tests. Also, the fun environment helped me to remember the material in the class. There is only one thing I would like to say: I loved the class!  
—Sarieli S., 2018


I have learned sooo much! I really like the way everything is presented. I find the class super easy to follow and I feel very prepared to take the HSPT.  
—Tess, 2018


I learned more than I thought I would in this course. I’m glad I took it.  
—Leila M., 2018


I really liked how this class helped me improve my time management in all of the subjects. Before when I practiced at home, I couldn’t finish on time, but after taking this class I can.  
—Archita S., 2018


I enjoyed the helpful TAs who were always ready to help me when I got stuck. I would recommend this class to others because it has many helpful resources and a knowledgeable teacher and staff.  
—Gabriela N., 2016


Probably the teacher and the way he teaches. He makes sure to talk to everyone and keep everyone involved. The binders were really cool too. I loved the class overall.  
—Andrew L., 2016


Taking the practice tests. Personally I suffer from testing anxiety, but this class helped me to get rid of it.  
—Sean, 2014


The organization because it allows for students to learn in a standardized, easy procedure.  
—Anonymous, 2014


I’ve liked this class because it has not only exceeded my expectations about how much I have improved, but I also feel way more confident with myself in all subject.—Stefan, 2014


What I liked the best about the class was the review of the basic fundamentals of the different subjects. It helped alot because I forgot some and the review helped me regain the knowledge I had lost. The test taking was also enjoyable.  
—Armand A., 2014


I liked how we took lots of practice tests, so it’s not as frightening when I actually take the real test.  
—Kelli T., 2014


I liked the math portion of the class most. I normally don’t enjoy math but this was a bit of fun and I learned a lot.  
—Maddie Y., 2014


What I liked the best about the class was that it wasn’t like ordinary school, it wasn’t really boring. It was more fun than school and the teachers were pretty cool too.  
—Elijah G., 2014


I liked that it has made me confident for the HSPT because I was really nervous before.  
—Mason A., 2014


I liked that I learned more in this class than the past year of school. I feel a little too prepared. The class is well done.  
—Lucas G., 2014

[Would you recommend this class to others?]


Yes, taking this one—day class has definitely made me feel more prepared to take the test & I feel confident that I’ll do well!  
—Samantha K., 2018


I would DEFINITELY recommend this class because it is just so helpful.  
—Haach, 2018


Yes! I liked that now I know what to expect and feel very prepared. Now I will go into the test with waaaay more confidence than if I hadn’t taken this class. I found the teachers, the practice tests & worksheets the most helpful. Because of them now I feel totally prepared for the test.  
—Sarah M., 2015


Yes. In 5 days you learn more about the HSPT in this class than you would by yourself in 5 months.  
—Aditi G., 2014


I would most definitely recommend this class. It was beyond helpful to get a better idea where I need more improvement and to see what the HSPT will be like.  
—Julie M., 2015


Yes because I feel so much more prepared and confident after taking this class.  
—Mason A., 2014


I would because it will make them more confident and show them their weaknesses so they can improve on them before the HSPT.  
—Christopher V., 2014


I would recommend this class to others; it is very helpful. If I had not taken this class, I would not have been prepared for the HSPT.   
—Arnav S., 2014


No, I would not tell anyone about this class (at least this year!) because competition is too hard as it is and this course gives a big edge!  
—Anonymous, 2014