Saso Online HSPT® Prep Classes

for 8th grade students

The Saso Online HSPT® Prep Class is designed to help students improve their scores on the HSPT®, which will increase their chances of being accepted to a Catholic high school. Our classes provide complete coverage of the five sections of the HSPT® — Verbal, Quantitative, Reading, Math and Language.

Our Online HSPT Prep Class Will Help Students:

  • Improve their scores on the HSPT®
  • Strengthen their math and English fundamentals
  • Learn study skills and test-taking strategies
  • Master time management
  • Build self-confidence going into the HSPT®


Class Methodology

Over the first five classes, students will take a model test in each of the five sections of the HSPT®. This will serve as their baseline score. Next, we teach students the problem-solving strategies and techniques they will need to know in order to be successful in each section. Then, over the second half of the course, we give them a second practice test in each of the five sections. In this way, students are able to see how they have improved in each area, which in turn builds their confidence going into the HSPT®.

Average Score Improvement

Our 2020 online HSPT® prep students improved their overall score by an average of 41 points (out of 298 total).

Student Improvement Chart

Our students overwhelmingly
prefer taking the class online

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