Frequently Asked Questions


Why is the test necessary?

The HSPT® is designed to assess academic knowledge and evaluate how well a student performs tasks that are expected of an eighth grader.

Your test results are compared to other students taking the test, both on a local and national level.

What do schools use the scores for?

Scores are used by Catholic high schools for determining admissions, student placement in specific courses and levels, and for scholarships.

May I use a calculator?


How is the HSPT® scored?

The placement test is scored on the number of questions answered correctly.

Saso High School Prep will give you tips and tools to maximize your scores.

Is there a passing or failing grade on the HSPT®?

There is no passing or failing grade. Each Catholic high school sets its own standards for admissions.

How do I sign up for the HSPT®?

You may obtain a testing packet from the Catholic high school you want to attend.

Do I need to prepare?

That depends. An easy way to find out where you stand against the test standards is by taking the Saso HSPT® Diagnostic Assessment.

Given how competitive it is to get into a parochial school, it is recommended to go into the test knowing what to expect.

How can I prepare for the HSPT®?

Saso High School Prep offers all your tools all in one place; HSPT Assessment, Summer, Fall, Winter Break, Weekend Review and Mock Exam.

How long have you been preparing students?

Saso High School Prep has been preparing students for the HSPT® since 1997.