Student Success Story

Mr. Saso and team,

My son, Jack, got his HSPT scores back with his acceptance letters on Monday.


On Jack’s very first assessment at the beginning of your course, he scored:

Verbal (36/60 or Below Average)

Quantitative (39/52 or just Above Average)

Reading (41/62 or Below Average)

Math (57/64 or just in the Superior range)

Language (34/60 or just in the Average range)


He was very disappointed in himself and I spoke with Mr. Saso on the phone who encouraged Jack to stay focused on the course materials and see how he did on the next set of tests. He did so and continued to see improvement.


At the close of your course, he scored:

Verbal (56/60 or Superior)

Quantitative (51/52 or Superior)

Reading (54/62 or Above Average)

Math (61/64 or Superior)

Language (46/60 or Above Average)


Your summary report said that if he did a little more work, he could score in the high 90th percentile on the test. His goal was to score in the Superior range in all 5 categories so, using your materials, he kept working.

He was successful! Jack scored in the Superior range for all 5 categories with a perfect score in math. Using the NP (National Percentile):

Verbal (94th percentile)

Quantitative (96th percentile)

Reading (95th percentile)

Math (99th percentile)

Language (98th percentile)

Total composite score: 99.9th percentile


We sincerely appreciate the Saso program – it really prepared him for the exam, and we think he will carry those test taking strategies forward. Perhaps most powerfully, he had the experience of NOT doing well and working hard to see improvement to ultimately getting the score he wanted. 



Erin G. (and Jack who is Bellarmine bound)