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Downloadable Vocabulary Workbook

The Saso High School Prep Vocabulary Workbook is now available in a downloadable & printable .PDF format.

The workbook includes 240 vocabulary words which are appropriate for a 7th or 8th grader. They are words that might be found on the Verbal and Reading Comprehension sections of the HSPT

 Features include:

  • 12 sets of 20 vocabulary words, with definitions and parts of speech
  • A "fill-in" page for each set of 20 words
  • A quiz which matches words to definitions for each set of 20 words
  • Illustrations to help explain some key words
  • Directions on how to learn the new vocabulary words

Click here for an example of Set 1.

The cost is $9.95

Within 24 hours of purchasing the Vocabulary Workbook, we will send you a .PDF file of the workbook for you to download.

Vocabulary is a large part of the Reading and Verbal sections of the HSPT. We don't know exactly what words will be used on the test, but the more words a student knows, the more prepared he or she will be for the HSPT. Learning these words will expand the student's vocabulary and help him or her not only to be successful on the HSPT but also to be more prepared for high school course work, both in reading and writing. In addition, the words we have chosen are words that are used in everyday life - in the news, on television, in books and magazines - and thus learning these words will help the student to have a greater comprehension of the world around him or her.