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Math & English

Math and English fundamentals lay the groundwork for all learning that follows in education. At Saso High School Prep we are committed to advancing your child's foundational skills.


Math Skills for the HSPT® Workbook

  • Review math skills that will enable students to succeed on the math and quantitative sections of the HSPT®
  • Strengthen core essential math skills without dependence on a calculator (Note: Students may NOT use calculators on the HSPT®)
  • Improve proficiency with fundamental math concepts that are tested on the HSPT® including: decimals, fractions, equations, percents, proportions, basic geometry, and positive and negative numbers

Grammar Skills for the HSPT® Workbook

  • Review  material  that will enable students to succeed on the Language, Verbal, and Reading sections of the HSPT®
  • Highlight and reinforce essential punctuation, capitalization, and usage rules that students will need to know in order to do well on the Language section of the HSPT® 
  • Learn a method for solving logic problems that are a part of the HSPT® Verbal test
  • Review parts of speech and their importance in effective sentence construction
  • Work on building a stronger vocabulary




"My math scores went from a D to a B+ with Mr. Saso."
—Marisela F.

"I liked the language lessons the best. I almost doubled my score from when I first took the test. My grades in English are improving too."
—Karen M.

"I learned to be a better writer with these new skills and strategies."
—Alex H.


"The teachers were always helping and had great advice."
—Jon S.