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Saso HSPT® Diagnostic Assessment

For 7th grade students

The Saso HSPT® Diagnostic Assessment is designed to let you know how prepared your 7th grader is for the HSPT® -- the High School Placement Test -- which is one of the most important criteria Catholic high schools use to determine admissions.

The Saso HSPT®
Diagnostic Assessment provides:
  • A compete model HSPT® exam

  • An assessment in each of the five sections of the HSPT® – Verbal, Quantitative, Reading, Math and Language

  • Immediate feedback on your child’s performance
  • Suggestions for the next steps in your child's preparation for the HSPT®

  • FREE downloadable Vocabulary Workbook with registration! 

In previous years, we offered separate math and English assessments, but since January 2018, we have been giving a complete model HSPT® test as our HSPT® Diagnostic Assessment. What better way to see how prepared your child is for the HSPT® than for him or her to take a model HSPT® exam? 

The HSPT® Diagnostic Assessment will include all five parts of the HSPT®-- Verbal, Quantitative, Reading, Math, and Language. It will contain the same number of questions as the actual HSPT® and it will be timed exactly as the HSPT® is timed.

The entire assessment will take three hours, and run from 9 am to 12 pm. 

You will receive immediate feedback as to your child’s performance on the HSPT® Diagnostic Assessment. Students will take home the assessment test booklet and their graded scantron answer sheets, along with an evaluation page with their scores and suggestions for further preparation for the HSPT®

Included with your registration for the HSPT® Diagnostic Assessment is a free downloadable vocabulary workbook. The workbook consists of 240 vocabulary words, along with fill-ins and quizzes to test your child’s knowledge of the words. Knowledge of vocabulary is a huge part of both the Verbal and Reading sections of the HSPT® and this workbook will help your child build a more extensive vocabulary and thus help prepare your child for these two sections of the HSPT®.

HSPT®Diagnostic Assessment 2019 schedule:

August 17,
Sept. 14

HSPT®Diagnostic Assessment
9:00am - 12pm
Milpitas Christian School
3435 Birchwood Ln, San Jose

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All materials included.



"The SASO assessment showed us how prepared our 7th grader is for the HSPT. We really appreciated how Steve Saso was honest with us about our child's needs, in terms of preparation for the test."
—Terence M.

Individualized skills assessment in the following subjects:


Synonyms, Antonyms, Analogies, Verbal classifications, Logic


Geometric, Comparisons, Numbers in series, Non-geometric comparisons, Number manipulations


Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension


Mathematical Concepts, Problem-solving


Spelling, Composition, Capitalization, Punctuation, Usage