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    For 8th Grade Students

Saso HSPT Prep Classes are designed to help students improve their scores on the HSPT, which will increase their chances of being accepted to a Catholic high school. Our classes provide complete coverage of the five sections of the HSPT - Verbal, Quantitative, Reading, Math and Language.

In all of our HSPT prep classes students will:

  • Take two model HSPT tests over the course of the class
  • Strengthen their math and English fundamentals
  • Learn study skills and test taking strategies
  • Master time management
  • Build self-confidence going into the HSPT
  • Receive individual help and instruction
  • Be given a personalized evaluation at the conclusion of the class
  • Take a full-length HSPT Mock Exam at the conclusion of the course

Over the first half of the course, students will take a model test in each of the five sections of the HSPT. This will serve as their baseline score. Next we teach students the concepts they will need to know in order to be successful in each section. We have students complete worksheets with practice problems and then do corrections for the problems missed on the first set of tests. Then, over the second half of the course, we give them a second practice test in each of the five sections. In this way, students are able to see how they have improved in each area, which in turn builds their confidence going into the HSPT.

We strive to keep a classroom ratio of one teacher or T.A. to every 7 - 8 students, ensuring that each student will be given individual attention. In addition, we don't wait for students to ask for help, but rather 'look over their shoulders' to see if they are doing the work correctly, and if not, offer them help.

There is homework associated with the HSPT prep class, and for the most part it consists of finishing worksheets that were begun in class. There is a homework checklist included in the HSPT prep binder, so students will know exactly what assignments are due for each class. It is very important for students to complete all the homework assignments in order to get the most benefit from the class.

At the conclusion of the class, students will take a 3-hour HSPT Mock Exam. The Mock Exam gives students the opportunity to take a model HSPT exam in the same format, timing, and environment as the actual HSPT. We will take all five sections of the HSPT straight through with only two 5-minute breaks, and thus it will be just like the real test. This gives students the HSPT test-taking experience before their actual HSPT test day.


We offer our HSPT prep class during the summer and fall:

Saso Summer Online HSPT Prep Class

  • For students entering the 8th grade
  • Classes meet Monday - Friday for two weeks

Saso Fall Online HSPT Prep Class

  • For current 8th grade students
  • Choice of a Saturday session or a weekday session
  • Classes begin in September

Winter Break Online HSPT Prep Class

  • For current 8th grade students
  • Class held during winter break in December
  • Last full-length HSPT prep class that we offer for the year

Disclaimer: The materials and model tests used in our program are not provided by or authorized by STS, the authors of the HSPT. We do not receive nor do we use in our prep classes any test materials, information from, or any product provided by or authorized by STS.

Click here for the HSPT Test FAQ


Testimonials from former students:

"Audrey felt confident taking the HSPT, thanks to her preparation and teachings from the SASO course. Will continue to recommend."

- Virginia T.
March 2014

"Your program was very helpful for Eddie in terms of test preparation and tactics training. He said he enjoyed the class a great deal. He was very impressed with the instructors who have first-hand knowledge and insight of the HSPT.
He got into his first choice! Wishing you had a similar program for the SAT! Thank you!"

- Hui P.
March 2014

"I think the class obviously helped Julia to do better on the HSPT. We are very happy with her scores. She was accepted to Mitty (with Distinction) and placed directly into the honors programs based on her test results and grades. Thanks again!"

-Martha Q.
March 2014

"Thanks to you and your wonderful staff, our second son Lionel, has made it to Bellarmine. Three years ago you helped our elder son Joshua get into Bellarmine. They both attribute their success in the HSPT to your summer course and all the help they received at the review class, the week before the HSPT."

- Chris & Pat J.
March 2013