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Math for the HSPT® Workbook

Math Skills for the HSPT® reviews the basic math skills that students need in order to be successful on the Math and Quantitative sections of the HSPT®. The mathematics section of the HSPT® is not advanced math, but math that was covered for the most part in the 5th and 6th grades. Therefore, we start with the math basics: decimals, fractions, and percents. Be sure to work through these chapters carefully and master these concepts before going on to the more difficult sections on quantitative skills and geometry.  

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The Math Skills for the HSPT® workbook includes clear and straightforward explanations, including a step-by-step demonstration of problems like those found on the HSPT®. This is followed by a problem set to give students practice at solving these problems and an appendix for additional work. Answers are included in the back so students can check their answers and learn from their mistakes. Students who master the lessons in our math skills workbook will be well prepared for the math and quantitative sections of the HSPT®.